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Day Tour

A day tour takes you to the beautiful world heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley. The ancient royal palace squares decorated with wooden-carving and the bricks are the most attractive parts of our day tour. The Hindu temples dedicated to different deities and Buddhist stupas are a beautiful combination in Nepali society.

The Swoyambhunath Temple or easily known as Monkey Temple fulfil the thirst of seeing whole Kathmandu city. In fine weather, even the tops of the mountain Ganesh Himal, as well as Langtang, can be seen to the north.  Patan Durbar Square is popular as the city of beauty. It is like an open museum. The ancient pagoda temples, the beautiful wooden carvings, the peaceful chwoks(courtyard) and the statue museum are the main attractions here. The metal work is really popular in Patan city. Moving to another biggest Hindu temple in Nepal is Pashupatinath. Known as the lord of the beast, the temple is dedicated to Shiva. Shiva as the Hindu god appears here peaceful and mild. Hundred thousand devotees and pilgrims visit this temple on such occasions of festivals like Shivaratri and Teej. There is the most famous Hindu cremation in Nepal on the bank of this Holy river Bagmati which mingles in Ganga in India. One believes that the cremation here liberates one from any bad karmas or sins in life. The photography from the close distance may not be respectful here. The sadhus or Hindu holy priest may ask you for the beautiful pictures with their blessing but you may have to donate them.

Not far from Pashupatinath temple, the Buddhist stupa known as Bauddhanath is so impressive. It is one of the largest stupas in the world and the ambience here is relaxing. The white big colossal with prayer flags and the eyes in all the four directions make us feel what Buddhist Stupa really is. There is rooftop view almost from all the restaurants around the stupa. While walking around, we may see the people chanting the mantra, Om Mane Padme Hum. The same mantras can be heard from the shops as well that feels us so peaceful. A day tour in Kathmandu valley is a very interesting tour.