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Mustang Region

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves.”

In the close vicinity of Annapurna region lies the historic Mustang region which has been a part of Nepal since the eighteenth century. Travelling here can be a very memorable moment as trekkers who manage to reach this isolated part of Nepal can see drastic geographical and ecological changes which make it unique and different from the other trekking parts of Nepal.

Narrow cliffs, ancient Buddhist monasteries, ten-thousand-year-old man-made caves and a very dessert like landscape make a journey to the ancient trade routes of Mustang region. Fall in love with the breath taking natural sceneries and enjoy the delightful company of local people who tend to very generous towards tourists and trekkers. Seemingly you can also taste the locally cooked Nepalese dishes and give your taste buds something different to their likings. Western tourists are more likely to find significance difference as this entire region seems to be very otherworldly in the eyes of foreigners. However, it is still influenced highly by its Tibetan norms and values so you can witness extreme Tibetan cultures and traditions being practiced in the entire region specially in its upper region. Learn about the traditional ways of Mustang people while you make your way towards the heartlands of Mustang region. Any person who has proper physical and mental health capabilities can go for this trek while making sure that they enjoy their trek to the fullest.

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