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Dhaulagiri Region

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Separated from the Annapurna region is the fabulous trekking region of Dhaulagiri region. Trekking in Dhaulagiri is mainly considered to be a daring expedition as it is one of the toughest and challenging trekking region in Nepal. Two high Himalayan passes generally need to be crossed during a trek in Dhaulagiri region.

Dhaulagiri region is in large popular mostly due to the reason that the seventh highest mountain of the world, Mt. Dhaulagiri with an estimated height of 8,167 meters above sea level sits inside this beautiful region with extreme natural conditions. The word Dhaulagiri in literally sense means White Mountain as it is often looks to be gleaming with whitish rays of sun reflecting off from its summit. Primarily located in the western region of Nepal, this particular trekking region falls under isolation and is not much visited by trekkers even though its sits so close to the famous Annapurna region. Also,in the geographical sense, Dhaulagiri region is considered to be a land of dramatic contrasts. Adventure seekers tend to be more attracted to this part of Nepal as the trekking trails offers more thrilling experiences with high Himalayan crosses and ridges. It is often said that trekkers who visit this alluring region tend to remember their every endeavor to complete their trek as it’s every trail offers different aspects of natural wonders. Large falling waterfalls, gorges, hill valleys and lovely small indigenous settlements populate the region and create a joyous setting to trek upon. Every now and the trekkers can expect to see some very wild images of Mt. Dhaulagiri along other top Himalayan peaks which make the skyline a piece of art for the trekkers to gaze upon. Here the pristine environment makes the trekking even more fun as those who have gotten tired and sick of city pollution can find a paradise among the lush valleys and hills of this mystifying region.

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