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Upper Dolpo Trek

upper dolpo trek
Trip Grade Strenuous
Max Altitude 5,151m
Activity Trekking
Group Size Min 02 Pax
Arrival On Kathmandu, Nepal
Departure From Kathmandu, Nepal
Accommodation Stone Built Houses (tea houses) during trek
Meals All meals during trek & breakfast in kathmandu

Unmatched for its surreal beauty and stunning landscapes, Upper Dolpo is one of the most extreme trekking regions of Nepal which has successfully cultivated its natural and cultural charms to create a magnificent atmosphere to travel in. The ancient wonders and treasures which lie hidden inside this spectacular region seem to have remained unscathed. Due to which, it has become one of the most well-preserved trekking regions with pristine intact trails and routes full of vivid eye-catching sceneries.

Beginning with a lovely yet educating sightseeing tour around the Kathmandu valley, we fly off to the south-western plains of Terai and arrive at Nepalgunj. From here, we are again going to take another flight but this time we shall head high up to the northern territories where we are scheduled to spend our upcoming trek days. Hence, we firmly arrive at Juphal from Nepalgunj and here onward, we start walking on a journey towards Dunai village which can take us about 3 hours to reach. As we have arrived at high altitude, we will not indulge ourselves with much higher ascents today so we are planned to remain overnight at Dunai for the day is. Next, we hike further up to the deepest lake of Nepal called the Phoksundo Lake. This particular lake is one of the sole highlights of our entire trek as it provides a beautiful scenery for travelers to witness and observe. After properly enjoying the scenic tranquil calm waters of Phoksundo Lake, we now continue walking and follow a pristine natural trail which leads our way from Phoksundo Lake to Phoksundo Khola. The entire trail consists of birched forest line up till Shey Gompa. Nevertheless, before reaching Shey Gompa trekkers will need to cross a Himalayan pass called Kang La Pass which has an estimated high elevation of 5,151 meters above sea level. Similarly, our planned trek route will require us to cross two other passes called Saldang La Pass (4,785m) & Jeng La Pass (4,845m). After that, we move to DhoTarap which is a beautiful valley where the two Dho and Tarap villages are positioned. Situated at 4,090 meters above sea level, DhoTarap is considered to be the highest human settlements in Nepal where travelers can experience pre medieval customs and jewelry. As we have reached the final phase of our trek, we traverse through Serkam, Khani Gaon, Tarakot and Dunai villages one after another to ultimately reach Jhupal for a flight back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj.

Over the top naturally preserved trails along with never before encountered cultural highlights await trekkers who wish to visit this off the beaten trekking region of the far-western region of Nepal. You just need to have a moderate amount of physical fitness with proper health conditions in order to complete and enjoy this trek. Contact, Himalayan Holyland Treks & Expedition to join this amazing off the beaten trek and travel in an entire new Himalayan terrain.