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Best seasons to visit Nepal

Loaded with various characteristic and social furthest points, Nepal really is an honored country in which explorer’s obstacle in enormous numbers every year. To encounter the legitimate liberality of Nepalese individuals and go inside one of the world’s most delightful trails, Nepal has turned into a famous hub for enterprise searchers from around the globe. You can visit Nepal practically all through the entire year yet in any case, Nepal has two best seasons in which sightseers can get the most out of their visit. The first is the Autumn season and the second one is the Spring season.

Any individual who adores trekking and needs to see the Himalayan mountains with clear imperceptibility all through their voyages then the Autumn season is the finest one among every one of the months. Visitors from everywhere throughout the globe make their arrangements of going by Nepal, for the most part amid Autumn season. The trekking trails start with the blooming rhododendron woodlands which keeps the delight of travel alive. That as well as the temperature stays sufficiently cool for voyagers to appreciate strolling notwithstanding amid the day time. Consequently, Autumn season is the prime time for voyagers to visit Nepal. Correspondingly, the Spring season opens up some reasonable approaches to visit Nepal. Much the same as Autumn season, this season likewise pulls in huge amounts of voyagers amid which the climate and temperature stays great sufficiently stable for visitors to go in all parts of reason.

Passports and Visas

For a voyager who needs to go in remote nations, Passport and Visas are the most basic piece of voyaging. Along these lines, it is compulsory to know all the data Passport and Visa strategies of the country in which you are wanting to visit. With regards to Nepal, every single outside vacationer need to have a genuine Passport with a legitimacy time of six-month era. Furthermore, an authoritatively affirmed Nepalese Visa is mandatory for entering and remaining in Nepal for one’s go in Nepal. Presently you should be meandering about how to accomplish a Nepalese Visa. The principal thing you can attempt is to download a Visa Application Form from the official site of Nepalese Embassy. Likewise, you can get a legitimate Nepalese Visa upon your landing in the airplane terminal by topping off a shape. Finally, Nepal’s administration has enabled free visas to the national staff of China and SAARC/ South Asian Countries.

Health and Safety

One of the most common issues that is concerning to the tourists are the availability of health centers. It is common knowledge that getting sick or catching some infectious disease can be alarming for them. So, it is always good to consider traveling with some basic medicines with you. Due to the rural, remote and undeveloped sectors of Nepal, you must be careful with your food and water consumption. Though the popular cities have acquired numerous top facilities hospitals and medicals, there are still many trekking routes which have not gotten any health centers specially in the off the beaten paths. But most of the popular trek destinations you can get medicals and health centers with professional health workers or doctors.

Internet Access

Without a doubt availability of Internet or WiFi has become a real necessity in terms of genuine facilities anywhere in the world. Nepal does have a lot of Internet connections spread all over its touristic centers like Kathmandu and Pokhara. So, you shall easily get an access to Internet while stay in Nepal. You can do most anything you need to on the internet as Nepal has many trekking routes with continued internet connections outside Kathmandu and Pokhara. Some newly starting trails, there are not access, otherwise you can get mostly even out  of city also.

Drinking Water

Due to the increase in pollution by the industrial sector, Nepal has lost many of its clean and safe water sources. This problem specially in the city area. Therefore it is highly recommended to not drink from unknown sources water. It should be boiled properly or you should buy a mineral drinking water or you purify the normal water. Getting infectious and harmful bacteria’s are the last thing you want to be getting while you trek on isolated areas of Nepal.


Trekking and touring in Nepal is very budget-friendly and cheap but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary for the buying cost of your products. Yes, Nepal is very economically friendly to tourists but many shoppers do charge tourists with expensive price values. So, it is recommended that you must plan your budget for your entire trip before coming here. You also need to carry some amount of cash with you every time as many trekking regions don’t have banks or ATM’s and sometimes they do not accept foreign currency. It is better to change your currency before the trek.

Local SIM Cards

If you are Tourist and want to communicate easily with your families, friends or some local Nepalese, then having a local SIM card can be an advantage. The prices of SIM Card are quite affordable so you can easily purchase a local SIM card as well as data. After then it shall be easy for you to communicate with people where Internet communications are not available. For this you can buy Ncell or Namaste sim card from any communication centers or shops where written some information about it.


Getting around places within Nepal can be little troublesome mainly because of the available roads and vehicle conditions. Nonetheless transportation between cities can be a lot easy as there is full availability of proper maintained roads with numerous private vehicles to take you to your requested destination. Not only that but “Rickshaws” are also available especially in Thamel area but they might be a little bumpy and can’t speed up as much as you would like if you are in hurry. There are small taxis also everywhere in Kathmandu. And best option is to take private car, it is comfortable and more professional driver.


As you arrive here, you must consider your accommodation while you stay. But thankfully Nepal has various ranges of option for accommodation available for tourists like you. From the luxurious five star hotels to simple yet cozy guest houses. And some Eco-lodges also here. Nowadays, we can see many hostels also here but I think if you like quite place, it is not best option for you. Because at the hostel mostly you have to share the room with other unknown people.

Altitude Sickness

Trekkers and explorer’s ought to at any rate realize that trekking is a standout venture among-st the adventure activities which is done at high altitude thus the risk to one well being and security increments exponentially. Also, for some trekkers, Nepal is the most appealing travel goals on the planet as it has a whole northern area loaded with taking off snow capped Himalayan mountains which can fulfill one’s requirement for certifiable adrenaline surge. However, when the trekking goes ever more elevated from the lower locales, at that point trekkers increment their odds of getting Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness which can be sad for them.

In straightforward terms, Altitude Sickness is condition which occurs at high elevation because of fast pick up in stature so it is an exceptionally regular issue among trekkers who rise through the Himalayan landscapes for trekking purposes. One ought to comprehend that the earth at high elevation broadly differs from the lower partners. Thus, the amount of Oxygen atoms in the environment diminishes quickly with a slope rising. Because of which the body doesn’t get sufficient measure of Oxygen which later on cause different issues like migraine, regurgitation, queasiness and in the event that it deteriorates, one may even bite the dust. Henceforth, a trekker ought to dependably keep their climb moderate and simple without applying much physical weight to their bodies. The Himalayan territory is as of now a troublesome place to be thus on the off chance that you choose to walk head on without giving your body the truly necessary time to get acclimatized then you will undoubtedly get Altitude Sickness.

Weather and Topography

Situated between two big Asian countries of China and India, Nepal appears to have an exceptionally special place where the topographical assorted qualities have a tendency to be higher than other neighboring districts. Nepal’s geographical location makes it one of the best places to travel in terms of pure geographical contrasts which enhance the travel authenticity while traveling inside the borderlines of the travel. With the hot moist Terai fields toward the south and Icy frosty Himalayan ranges in the north, Nepal really is a shelter for perfect normal scenes and components. Because of which the biological system of Nepal ranges significantly which flourish the whole way across the country. Likewise, the climate of Nepal differs in like manner to the height of land masses, which thus causes increment and decline in vegetation. The temperature in the lower locales gets somewhat warm and gets sub-tropical climate designs. Be that as it may, despite what might be expected, the northern area has temperature extending underneath 0 degree Celsius so the measure of vegetation tends to diminish with the expansion in rise.