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Upper Mustang Biking Tour Upper Mustang Biking Tour

Upper Mustang Biking Tour

Trip Facts

Trip Grade Moderate
Activity Cycling
Group Size Min 02 Pax

“We must go beyond textbooks and go out into untrodden depths of the wilderness.”

Discover the enchanting cycling trails of Upper Mustang by joining our all exclusive Upper Mustang Biking Tour. Traveling from the bustling capital city to Jomsom via Pokhara city, we shall start our biking tour from the windy Jomsom town. After assembling our bikes, we begin heading out from Jomsom and with each day we visit new places, explore new terrains and encounter new cultures along our route. Hence, our biking adventure takes us to Kagbeni and further to Muktinath. Popular for being a religious site for Buddhist and Hindu believers, Muktinath temple is one of the highlights our tour as you can witness intense cultural and religious aspects that make traveling here a one of a kind experience. Continuing on, we also visit the famous Lo-Manthang town where you can observe red colored monasteries and houses. Since the ancient times, people living here have been majorly influenced by the neighboring Tibetan culture. Travelers can learn a lot of historical and traditional heritages during their stay in Lo-Manthang. Last but not the least, we dive down to the natural hot springs of Tatopani as we make our way towards the touristic Pokhara city. Contact, Himalayan Holyland Treks and Expedition team today to join our Upper Mustang Biking tour.

Outline Itinerary


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu airport (1,345meters)

Day 02: Pre-trip meeting and sightseeing around Kathmandu

Day 03:Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (820m) 7 hrs by tourist bus

Day 04: Fly to Jomsom (2,700m), assemble the bikes, and ride to Kagbeni village(2,900m)

Day 05: Ride from Kagbeni to Muktinath

Day 06: Ride from Muktinath to Chele

Day 07:Ride from Chele to Syangboche

Day 08:Ride from Syangboche to Charang

Day 09:Ride from Charang to Lo-Manthang

Day 10 & 11:Explore around Lo-Manthang

Day 12: Ride from Lo-Manthang to Ghami

Day 13: Ride from Gami to Samar

Day 14: Ride from Samar to Chhusang

Day 15: Ride from Chhusang to Kagbeni

Day 16: Ride from Kagbeni to Tatopani(Hot spring)

Day 17: Ride from Tatopani to Beni and Drive to Pokhara

Day 18: Guided Activities at Pokhara in private vehicle or on Bike

Day 19: Pokhara to Kathmandu drive by Tourist vehicle (7 hrs)

Day 20: Final Departure from Nepal

Detail Itinerary


Arrival in Kathmandu airport (1345meters)

Welcome to Nepal! As your flight lands at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) of Kathmandu, a representative of Himalayan Holyland Treks  & Expedition will be standing at the terminal for your welcoming. He/she will then escort you to your private vehicle for a transfer to your hotel. After getting inside the hotel room, you can take shower and loosen up your jetagged bodies. Then later in the evening you may go out for a stroll around the exotic streets of Thamel area and have a short look around before returning back to your hotel. Stay overnight at Kathmandu.


Pre-trip meeting and sightseeing around Kathmandu

It’s your first morning in the bustling capital city of Nepal and we have planned a sightseeing tour for you so that you don’t miss out on the chance to explore this incredibly historically rich capital city where enticing architecture and cultural exits harmoniously. Wake up and enjoy your lovely breakfast. Then after our guide shall escort you to a private tour vehicle which will be used for our entire sightseeing tour. First, we visit the ancient prehistoric Swayambhunath Temple which is situated high above a hill and therefore provides a heart captivating view of the entire city. Next, we head to another famous Buddhist stupa called Boudhanath which is also largely popular for being the largest Buddhist stupa in south-east Asia. Similarly, we are going to visit the holy Hindu shrine of Pashupatinath which is positioned at the banks of Bagmati River. Vivid religious sights will occupy your vision as you take a look around. And at last, we head to the historic royal palace where intricate wood carvings never fail to impress the first-time visitors. Ultimately, we are to conclude our tour for the day being and head back to our hotel. Stay overnight at Kathmandu.


Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (820m) 7 hrs by tourist bus

Today marks the beginning of your Upper Mustang Biking tour and so after finishing your breakfast, you along with your remaining cycling associates shall be headed to a private tourist vehicle for a scenic hill drive to the iconic Pokhara city. The entire drive approximately can take up to 6-7 hours to complete, nevertheless the whole trail is filled with lovely picturesque valleys, rivers and towns which make the journey pleasantly. As we move father away from the traffic filled roads of Kathmandu, we enter into the Prithvi Highway and drive onward till we reach Pokhara before dawn. Doing so needs us to cover a distance of about 205 km. After reaching Pokhara city, a mind-blowing view of the Himalayan mountains along with the complementing serene waters of Phewa Lake welcome you. Then you will be transferred to your hotel rooms and later on you can even go out for stroll around the popular lakeside streets and markets. Stay overnight at Pokhara.


Fly to Jomsom (2,700m), assemble the bikes, and ride to Kagbeni (2,900m)

Travelers will need to head toward the Pokhara Airport for our scheduled morning flight to Jomsom town. It won’t take long to reach the calm windy town of Jomsom which is situated at a high altitude of 2,720 meters above sea level. After gathering with other members, we are going to assemble our bikes/cycles and get used to it by riding with it around the town for a few moments. Next, we begin our initial phase of our cycling tour and head forward to Kagbeni. While enjoying the spectacular dramatic views, we ride our way primarily through flat rocky terrain and arrive at a place called Ekle Bhatti (2,820m). Later after riding for about 1 – 2 hours from Jomsom, we shall reach at Kagbeni town (2,990m) where eccentric indigenous lifestyle and culture await us. Stay overnight at Kagbeni.


Ride from Kagbeni to Muktinath

First, we need to wake up, have our nutrient rich breakfast which will revive up our exhausted leg muscles and help us regain strength to continue on with our cycling trip. Starting off with an uphill trail that is bound to take us up to a 1,000 meter higher than our initial beginning point. Our trail leads us towards a more desert like landscape which will be filled with many eye-catching natural sceneries that helps ride higher. Lastly, we end up reaching Muktinath temple (3,800m) after solely riding for about 4-5 hours and can witness flocks of numerous trekkers along with religious pilgrims exploring this beautiful temple. We now end our excruciating day of tough mountain biking by taking a much-needed rest in the local lodge. Stay overnight at Muktinath.


Ride from Muktinath to Chele

Waking up early in the morning, we are going to have our breakfast and conjure up our inner adventure spirit to continue on with our cycling tour. Leaving Muktinath behind, we are now going to start cycling our way up to the restricted areas of Upper Mustang by traveling through Gyu La village (4,077m). We might even need to carry our bikes through some challenging terrains. Nevertheless, we will be rewarded with some magnificent views of the surrounding areas throughout our journey today. Our final leg of the trip today shall lead us for a uphill climb up and cross a river before ultimately arriving at Chele village where we can sit down, have some food and go to sleep. All in all, at the end of the day we are going to end up being at 1,000 meters higher than our previous starting point which is a very exhausting task for anyone. Stay overnight at Chele.


Ride from Chele to Syangboche

Hope you had a proper rest and a proper goodnight sleep as today you have huge task ahead of you. Even though this day is particularly shorter than yesterday, nevertheless it is going to be a day worth exploring as we head toward the Syangboche village. As soon as we finish eating our breakfast, we are going to kick our way up the hills and make an attempt to cross not one but 4 high passes which legitimately exceed above 3000 meters. Respectively the passes are Taklam La Pass (3,240m), Baga La, Yemdo Pass (4,000m) and Dzong La (3,550m). While on our way to Syangboche, we can delight ourselves with some fascinating cool river streams and dramatic juniper trees. Not only that but travelers can also make a short visit to a renowned cave called Ramchung Cave. Shortly after that, we are going to reach the Syangboche village which is the last destination for our trip today. Stay overnight at Syangboche.


Ride from Syangboche to Charang

It’s another beautiful morning as we are high above at the Syangboche village. So, after waking up and having our delicious Nepalese style breakfast, we are going to jump on our bikes for another continuous ride to our next destination. Once more our journey needs us to go higher and higher which only means one that it will take up a lot of calories from our body. Passing through several tea houses along a rocky terrain, we shall encounter our first pass of Yamda La Pass which has an elevated height of 3,850 meters. Not only that but, we also can see chortens and many indigenous villages with wide open balconies. Later ahead, we need to climb up Nyi Pass which is the high point of this entire day as it stands at a great height of 4,010m, thus making the journey even more longer. Later in the evening, we arrive at Charang village. Stay overnight at Charang.


Ride from Charang to Lo-Manthang

Today is the day when we shall enter into the legendary town of Lo-Manthang which is also the most popular trekking destination in all of Upper Mustang. Popularly renowned as the capital city of Upper Mustang, this town is one of the most beautifully preserved places in all of Upper Mustang. This majorly due to its isolated situation as there are no proper roads or flights to reach this iconic heritage of Upper Mustang without hiking or trekking. So, after enjoying our morning breakfast, we are now going to head uphill through some windy passes and reach at Lo-Manthang after an excruciating cycling endeavor. Stay overnight at Lo-Manthang.


Explore around Lo-Manthang

Today is our first day at Lo-Manthang and we are now going to spend our some of our upcoming days at Lo-Manthang in order to fully capture the grandeurs of this explicit town. Here on after, we are now going to have our breakfast, and then after make a side trip to Gharphu while following the predominant Kali Gandaki River. You can see stunning view of fluttering prayer flags high above the windy valley. As the day goes on, you can easily come to a conclusion that this place not only has a historical significance but also consists a lot of cultural and natural significances too. Hence, a visit to this historic place which even stood the testament of time itself is surely can become the highlight of this entire trip. Stay overnight at Lo-Manthang.


Ride from Lo-Manthang to Ghami

With the final phases of our trip coming closer, we are now going to start riding our way down to Ghami village which is a white-washed village amongst the surrounding hills of Upper Mustang. Remember like always, this journey too is going to be a long one as we are now leaving Lo-Manthang village. As we finish having our breakfast, we start off our journey towards Ghami village with an ascent climb up to Pangga which has an estimated high altitude of 4,090m. From this place, our descent slowly begins which leads our way towards Dhakmar village and then later on to Ghami village where we are going to rest for the comping night and fuel up our stomach with much-needed delicacies. Stay overnight Ghami.


Ride from Gami to Samar

After waking up and having our breakfast, we are now going to descend further down to Samar village. Initially, we are going to follow a narrow winding rocky path and reach Ghiling village first of all. And then we proceed further down to Samar village which is a scenic village filled with dramatic views of the dessert like landscape. Visit the Samar monastery, enjoy the delightful company of the local ethnic people and taste the locally cooked foods as you stay here for the coming night. Stay overnight at Samar village.


Ride from Samar to Chusang

Wake up, have your breakfast and the let’s kick start our day with another thrilling adventure ride down through the villages of Upper Mustang. Yesterday, we reached Samar village and now we are going to head over towards Chusang village. To accomplish our journey today, we need to successfully pass through Daroji La and Takma La passes one after another. Hence, it may take you some moment to go through them. Upon reaching Chusang village travelers can see that this village is a fertile land that stretched itself outward to the riverbed of Kali Gandaki river. Cyclists can now lay their body on the cozy beds of their lodges and take refuge for the rest of the evening. Stay overnight at Chusang.


Ride from Chusang to Kagbeni

From this day onward, cyclist will again be heading back inside the Annapurna region as we shall now head further down to Kagbeni village. Wake up, have your breakfast and then jump on your bikes again for a downhill ride till you reach the Kagbeni village. Here you can rest and enjoy the enchanting natural beauty of this mystifying place. Stay overnight at Kathmandu.


Ride from Kagbeni to Tatopani

Beginning our journey with a nice blend of exquisite natural and cultural trail that goes through to Tatopani. We shall wake up early in the morning and then have our breakfast at the usual time. Then after we are to head back down while enjoying some beautiful natural scenery that can be a momentous event for the cyclists. Here onward, you can get the all-encompassing mountain views of the Mt. Dhaulagiri, Tukuche Peak and Mt. Nilgiri. Continuing further down, we head to Larjung village and then to Ghasa village respectively one after another. By doing so we are to reach Tatopani village which is going to be the final destination for the day. At Tatopani, trekkers can enjoy the soothing hot sauna of the natural hot springs which surround the beautiful Tatopani village. Stay overnight at Tatopani village.


Ride from Tatopani to Beni and Drive to Pokhara

After enjoying the comforting hot waters of Tatopani village, we are now going to descend to Beni village. As planned, we shall have our breakfast and then start cycling our way down to Beni. During our descent, you can solely view the landscape dramatically changing into a more fertile, verdant one with lush green hills and captivating river streams. Upon reaching Beni, cyclists will be escorted to a private vehicle in this case a Jeep for a travel back to the stunning lake city of Pokhara. At Pokhara, cyclists can put their bags down, loosen up their bodies and enjoy the remaining day by exploring around the city. Stay overnight at Pokhara.


Guided Activities at Pokhara in private vehicle or on Bike.

Even though we have completed our cycling trip in the Upper Mustang, we are still going to enjoy some more of our holidays by having a one day guided tour around the popular places of the Pokhara city. This means that you can fully indulge yourself with some touristic activities that may help you create new memories along the way. Some options include a short hike to World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa), boating around Phewa Lake and visiting the Gupteshwor Cave. It’s totally up to you to choose your favorite activity today but the main thing about this one extra day in Pokhara is that you should enjoy every bit of your stay while you still can. Stay overnight at Pokhara.


Pokhara to Kathmandu drive by Tourist vehicle, 7 Hrs.

We leave Pokhara city today and drive our way back to the capital city by following the same exact route which was previously used by us to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu city. Hence, after a lovely 7-hour drive back to Kathmandu, a representative of Himalayan Holyland Treks will assist you reach your hotel rooms where you should properly take some rest as you finally returned back to Kathmandu. Later in the evening, you can go out for some souvenir shopping which can help you utilize your last moments in Kathmandu to the fullest. Stay overnight at Kathmandu.


Final Departure from Nepal.

At last, your departure day has come upon us. Therefore, a representative of Himalayan Holyland Treks & Expedition shall transfer you to the International Airport 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight. We hope that our services have fully satisfied your every need and wish you a safe flight back to your nation. However, we do expect for your return back to Nepal soon in the future.

Price Includes

  • Airport pick up and drop from and to airport.
  • Hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara with B/B basis
  • Guides and Porters
  • Food and Accommodations for you
  • Special permit $500 per person
  • ACAP permit and TIMS card
  • Bike cargo charge from Pokhara to Jomsom and extra luggage
  • Guide and porters flight
  • Food and accommodations  for guide and porters
  • Insurance for guide and porters
  • All transportation by private Jeep
  • Flight ticket from Pokhara to Jomsom
  • Local taxes
  • Mountain bike hard tail rental
  • Trip map
  • T-shirt
  • Trip completion certificate

Price Excludes

  • Alcoholic drinks and bevarage
  • Personal travel and medical insurance
  • International airfare to KTM and back home
  • Visa fee in Nepal
  • Emergency evacuation/rescue insurance
  • Tip for support guide, porter and supporting staff
  • Dual suspension bike (to hire a bike from our store)

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