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Everest Base Camp Weather and Temperature

Everest Base Camp weather and temperature
June 25, 2019

Everest Base Camp weather and temperature is affected due to the change as Nepal is blessed with seasons, i.e. summer, winter, autumn, and spring.  The Everest Base Camp is one of the best trekking destinations in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. It is visited by thousands of local and foreign trekkers annually. The season that you have to face is different and has features which are unique that could change drastically. Everest base camp weather and temperature are also no exception to this.

In EBC, the mountainous region which is capped with snow is usually cold not even in the summertime. In the day, the temperature usually reaches 25 °C maximum and during night time, the temperature could be lower as to -20 °C. The main season to journey and trekking in Everest Base Camp are spring and autumn seasons. Both the spring and autumn are the best seasons to view the mountains. October is the best month to visit and travel to EBC. Everest Base Camp has a very dry region with minimum rainfall. In the base camp, only about 18 inches of rainfall is received during the rainy season. You can trek in the season of your choosing by proper preparing for the travel. The seasons that are described below are categorized according to the weather that one faced during one’s travels at Everest Base Camp.

Spring at Everest Base Camp

Spring is the best season to trek at the Everest Base Camp. The spring months are March, April, and May. Spring is the seasons of blossoms. You can view and enjoy various species of flowers such as rhododendron flower. You can also various species of animals and birds who usually comes in such a season.

Since is the spring is the most suitable season to trek, you will find a lot of trekkers from different countries on trails to the camp. In the season, the average temperature is 17 °C in the day above 4000m.  At further higher altitudes, the temperature rises up to 25 °C during sunny and temperature drops to -15 degrees in the morning and night.

Summer at Everest Base Camp

The month of June to August is summer in Nepal. This season is less favorable due to high chances of rainfall and frequent downpour as well as cloudy weather. The weather in the summertime is unpredictable.

There is also a possibility of landslides at the lower areas of hills and risk of avalanche in the high mountain region. During this season, several tea houses in Everest Base Camp will be closed. However, summer is a perfect season for hiking enthusiasts.

Autumn at Everest Base Camp

Autumn is the idealistic time for trekkers to trek at EBC route. The month from September to November is the season of autumn in Nepal. The weather and temperature of Everest Base Camp will generally be clear and stable in this season.

Due to a clear sky, you can have a great view of the mountains and also get to behold the awesome sight of the landscape from EBC trails. The autumn period is the best favorable time for trekking. You have to deal with a good number of trekker traffic. To beat away the track and stay away from the crowds, a pre-booking is advisable. In addition, there will be a lot of scenic waterfalls to view and enjoy in the lower region of the base.

Winter at Everest Base Camp

Even though during winter, the Everest Base Camp is extremely cold in the winter time. However, you can still trek at that time. The weather will be stable and extremely dry in winter. The temperature at night at the Everest Base Camp is around -20 to -30 degree Celsius. The temperate at the valley will be moderate but you would not be in no difficulty if you choose to stay in the tent in Base Camp.

During winter, Everest Base Camp will be clear and dry with an exception of morning mist and snowfall. However, on a clear day, you can get a spectacular view of the mountains. It is a treat for the thrill seeker and adventure lovers with a lot of cool wind and snows.

Finally, it is best to well-prepared before journeying to Everest Base Camp, so instead of looking for the best weather, it will be wise you research about various weather and temperature you are best suited to.

The Everest Base Camp is there and will aid you to experience the best in every season. We are at the will help you and give you the best advice on your treks to Everest Base Camp. If you have any confusion and queries about the weather and temperature on Everest Base Camp. Contact Us.