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Manaslu Trekking Cost

Manaslu Trekking Cost
June 24, 2019

The Manaslu trekking cost depends upon factors such to permits, accommodation, transportation and trek duration. foods and drinks as well as Guides and Porters. Manaslu Circuit Trek also is known as Round Manaslu Trek is one of the famous trekking destinations in all of Nepal. The famous Mountain Manaslu stands at an altitude of 8163 mtr. above sea level. It is the eighth highest mountain in the world. It is the highest Himalayan peak of Gorkha districe which located 64 km east of Mt. Annapurna. This trekking helps around the Manaslu region helps to explore and view the majestic Mt. Manaslu.

Widely considered as the best alternative trek to Annapurna circuit, Manaslu trek is less crowded than the famous Annapurna Circuit. The trekking trails goes through various old bridges, wondrous foothills, eye-catching landscapes, and friendly ethnic villages. The highest point of the trek Larke La Pass 5215 mtr. across the Himalayas. Manaslu Circuit Trek needs 20 days to complete it. The total Manaslu Trekking cost of the tour ranges starts from USD $1399 onwards.


Cost of Accommodation, Foods, Drinks, and Meals

The accommodation should not be a problem in Manaslu Circuit Trek as the trails are often empty and less crowded. Moreover, there are several tea houses which are opening year after year. The old lodges also have been renovated to serve and look after the tourists. The Manaslu Trekking cost of getting and sharing a twin room ranges from $6 to $ 9. You have to pay the full price of the room if you want to rent the room.

The Manaslu Trekking cost of food is quite expensive due to the lack of proper transportation facilities. However, the place is still cheaper than the Annapurna Region. The cost of a meal in Manaslu Trek is $ 5. But, the cost of meals could differ due to your choice of foods and the number of meals that your intake. Approximately $20 should be more than enough for a day to spend on foods and meals.

Apart from it, Manaslu is also famous for its tea.  The below is  detailed breakdown Manaslu Trekking cost of beverages, beers, and tea:

Tea/Coffee: $2 to $4

Bottle Beer: $2 to $5

Water/Soda: $0.5 to $4


Trekking Permit Costs

The first trekking permit needed for the Manaslu trip is Manaslu Restricted Area Permit. It is required for the conservation of the Manaslu area. The rate varies according to the month and duration of your trip.

From the month of September to November, the rate per person is $100 for the first week. Then, it costs $15 per day. If you are taking a trip from the months of December to August, the cost per person is $70 for the first week. Later you have to pay $10 per day afterward. The duration of the trip is of 14 days from which you need a permit for 8 -9 days. If you want to extend your traveling days, then you might need a special permit for 10 days. The average cost is $10 per day per person.

There are also some of the permit required for the trip which is as follows:

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit (If you want to visit Tsum Valley)

The  Manaslu Conservation Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit cost is $30 per person. Whereas, the cost of Tsum Valley Restricted Permit is $35 per week.


Transportation Cost

The Manaslu Trekking Circuit starts from Arughat or Sotikhola. To reach there you could be travel on a bus (which could be packed) or you could hire a private jeep. The bus cost less than $10 per person from Kathmandu to Sotikhola. However, private jeeps are mostly cost as the price could range from $150 to $200 for each way. But the cost is reduced significantly if you share the jeep i.e. $ 30 per seat with 7 persons.

The same cost is applicable for the end of trek from Tal or Besisahar to Kathmandu. While trekking between Tal or Besisahar, there are local jeeps that you could hire for less than $10.


Cost of Guide and Porter

If you are planning to go for trekking at Manaslu circuit, then it is advised you that take an authorized guide from the Nepal Trekking Association. A professional guide could charge from $25 to $30 per day. The cost also includes the guide’s food, accommodation, food, and insurance.

Similarly, if you are thinking to take a potter instead of a guide. then it is highly recommended that you choose a professional porter who has experience and for safety reasons. The charge for hiring a potter is quite the same i.e. $15 to $ 20 which also includes food and accommodation.

In conclusion, Manaslu trek is the best alternative to Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Hence, it comes as no surprise that several thousands of people are traveling to Nepal to visit and experience this beautiful and holy place.

So, come and trek with Himalayan Holyland Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. With an experienced professional team and the company who seeks a sustainable tourism development, you could be assured that your journey to the Himalayan region of Nepal would be memorable and enjoyable.