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Annapurna Base Camp Weather December/ January/ February

Annapurna Base Camp Weather December January February
January 7, 2019

Annapurna region in Nepal is really blessed with the snowy tapestry of mighty Himalayas. The land is a wonder with the 10th highest mountain Annapurna and other associated Himalayas including Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre and many more. It provides an opportunity to introduces well balanced and an exceptional ecosystem of nature to its trekkers/travelers. Located at the 4130 meters above the Machhapuchhre Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp offer steady trekking trail that passes through the several region’s villages and splendid naturally brimming terrains along with the majestic Himalayas on the backdrop. Travelers/trekkers will get full satisfaction when they are traveling in this famous Annapurna region that beautiful snowy amphitheater of grand mountains peaks and cerulean glaciers will surely wonder you. The beauty and splendor of Annapurna Base Camp, exploring blackened rocks which are covered with thick onsets of snow will surely make trekkers as if they are standing out of this planet. With the accompany of gorgeous views of the highest peaks of Annapurna massif and its adjoining peaks, as the trekking trail goes close to Annapurna Base Camp, we will be standing on the top of Poon Hill, the vantage point for incredible sunrise, sunset, and gigantic aura of Himalayan peaks. The golden rays of the sun over dazzling white snow-capped Mountains into a cascade of molten ember will be really amazing to witness from Poon Hill.

Trekking through the protected area’s trail offer rare and endangers flora and fauna to encounter with and explore natural environment (forests) along with thin folk’s settlements on the way. The trekking trail is blended with the unique terrains, flourishing and rolling green hills and white mountains, lush woodlands with drier terrains and many more.

The majority of people living in the Annapurna region are Gurung, Magar, Thakali, and other ethnic groups, where travelers can enjoy and experience locals’ unique culture and traditions. The adventurous Annapurna Base Camp trek will allow you to explore decorated rhododendron canopies, small but century-old Chhortens, Gumbas, temples, farmlands, terraces rice farms and many more. Various tea house on the way and their welcoming local tribe with their warm hospitality towards trekkers will be pulse point to make Annapurna Base Camp trek one of the most adventurous and famous treks in Nepal.

Best time to travel at Annapurna Base Camp

This amazing and adventurous Annapurna Base Camp demands a very moderate kind of trek and can be visited in different time frame with various options. Especially, Autumn (September-December) and spring season (February to May) are best seasons to visit and explore the Annapurna Base Camp. Different people have their different trekking conditions, some might prefer to trek in the winter season while some desires to visit summer, some spring and some may Autumn. Some travelers may enjoy cold while others can enjoy the warmth of the summer. Usually, in the spring season, the weather is quite cloudy and cloud will hide mountains after 12 o’clock, however, if you are enthusiastic to explore the beautiful nature and enjoy with the snow, then this season will be perfect for you. In this season flowers of rhododendrons are blooming, everywhere you can see greenery, the blooming flowers with the crippling sound of birds is really awesome. Generally, In the Autumn season travelers prefers to trek Annapurna Base camp in Nepal. A large number of tourists come here in Nepal to explore the highest peaks in Nepal. October is the most preferred seasons to visit and explore the Annapurna Base Camp.

Annapurna Base Camp Weather December/ January/ February

December is the perfect seasons for travelers to have an adventurous trek in Annapurna Base Camp. In this season the weather is cold, however, the view of the mountains is pretty clear. You can have a stunning view of the gigantic peaks like Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Annapurna South, Fishtail, Gangapurna, Tent Peak, Hiunchuli,.and many more. The weather is pleasing during the daytime where travelers will get less traffic, crystal clear skies, and fresh and crisp surroundings. In this month, peaceful trekking trail with snow-capped mountains and striking snowy landscapes will reward you.

Accommodation in the weather of December/ January/ February

During these months, the traveler will get good accommodation services in Annapurna Base Camp region. Usually, as compared to others months, these months are fewer travelers will come to visit this fascinating Annapurna Base Camp. That is why, trekkers will get various tea houses, lodges and luxurious hotels to choose from. You will also get quite reasonable prices for accommodation.

Clothing for the weather of December/ January/ February

In this season, trekkers will need to wear multi-layered clothing during Annapurna Base Camp trekking. Due to cold weather, trekkers/travelers should have to pay more attention to their outermost layer, which will protect them from cold. All the clothes mention below are essential that you will need during your trekking Annapurna Base Camp this season.

Clothing that is needed:

  • Long base layer shirts that dry quickly
  • Short-sleeved trekking shirts
  • Thermal underwear
  • 2 liner socks
  • 3 pairs of woolen blend trekking socks.
  • A pair of waterproof trekking pants with zip-off bottoms
  • A couple of fleece sweaters (one lightweight, one heavier)
  • 1 wind/rain proof outer-layer jacket and pants
  • 1 down jacket. ( -20 D.C)
  • 1 warm winter hat
  • 1 lightweight thermal layer hat
  • A pair of woolen gloves
  • A Pair of trekking boots
  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat
Besides clothing, you will also need toiletries and first aid, these are as following:


  • Foot powder (for stinky feet)
  • Toilet paper
  • shampoo
  • Soap
  • A quick-dry Towel
  • Gold Bond – this just feels good all the time
First Aid
  • Diamox – for altitude
  • Vicks vapor rub
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizers
  • Anti-nauseant(if you get nauseous a lot at altitude)
  • Imodium – (in case of diarrhea)
  • Mosquito repellent